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A Virtual Fieldtrip

High school students are invited to attend an educational field trip to Greece. The trip can runs from 1-3 weeks between mid-June to end of July. In the first part of the trip, students will travel to and learn about Ancient, Byzantine, and Modern cities of mainland Greece. The student’s are part of Paideia’s Study Tour group and will have the chance to travel with other high school and college groups. For more information, please refer to the Study Tour.

During the first or second part of the trip, students will visit the island of Rhodes. At this point of the trip the students break away from the other Paideia groups and have more individually focused activities. While there, the students will visit the island’s main attractions and historical sites, as well as participate in local festivals and athletic competitions. Students are also encouraged to complete a community service project.

Please note, only students from the Bristol, CT area have been approved for a ¼ credit towards their high school diploma. These students have the option of earning an additional ¼ credit, through an independent study project.  For students wishing to receive credit for this, they must attend a class held every Wednesday during the fall at Bristol Eastern High School. Students from Norwich Free Academy(CT) and Barnstable High School from Cape Cod, MA participate with a credit program. High school students 10th grade and over is possible to receive credit for Modern Greek Language classes.

Full attendance and satisfactory completion of course assignments is a must! Join us for a fun-filled adventure!

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