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Quick Facts

  • Our program runs year round. We offer full time year around programs in the fall, the spring, winter intersession and summer periods.

  • In Winter intersession or summer period you may register for more than one class.

  • Greece is a very safe country with very friendly people to American students. Hospitality is at the core of Greek culture from ancient times.

  • Paideia is proud for small classes to have personalized attention to every student.

  • Very strong academic component in a different educational system.

  • Class attendance is mandatory.  You need to go in every class and study giving every effort to return with excellent grades.

  • Paideia offers the most truly cultural immersion programs in Greece and in any other European country.

  • Transcripts are issued from Paideia affiliated Greek universities.

  • Excellent faculty from Greek State Universities and Institutions who care for the academic progress and well being for all the student in and of classes.

  • Our courses are accepted by major US universities.

  • You do not have to go through credit transfer procedures etc.

  • Our courses are taught in English. You do not need to speak Greek unless you decide to take courses in advanced Modern or Classical Greek language.

  • The courses are taught by professors of

  • The courses are taught at a variety of locations such as Athens, Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Sparta, Crete, Dion, Delphi, etc.

  • The course menu is rich in Language, History, Mythology, Arts, Culture, Political Science, Marine Science courses.

  • There are also internship opportunities available.

  • The cost of our program is very competitive. We believe that it is the least expensive program in Greece and Europe a student can find.

  • The cost of the program includes orientation, housing, meals(dinner), tuition fees, study tour for a week for semester students, trips within Greece, and a number of cultural activities.

  • Housing is at rental apartments in walking distance from the classes. In Rhodes students stay at beautiful Semiramis Hotel( Meals are taken at University cafeterias.

  • Scholarships are available to qualified students based on Merit and Need.

  • Students of Classics, History,  and Hellenic Studies are encouraged to apply.

  • There may be financial aid and study abroad grant opportunities through your US University.

  • Paideia study abroad programs will be your host in Greece. A representative of Paideia will come in touch with you as soon as your application is approved to answer all logistic questions you may have about your trip and your travel arrangements.

  • Paideia representatives will wait for you in Greece to escort you, guide you and ensure, as much as they can, that your stay in Greece will be safe, profitable and pleasant.

  • If you decide to go to Greece with our Program, keep in mind that you are an adult and fully responsible for your behavior. You must obey all local laws; you are responsible for your academic achievement; neither your University or Paideia are liable for activities you decide to engage in that the program does not provide for. The code of contact of your home and host Universities apply to you.

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