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Study Tour

Paideia’s Study Tour enables students to travel to a number of Greek islands and through many of the regions of mainland Greece. It includes visiting Ancient Greek sites, famous tourist attractions and having on site lectures. All students participating in the semester programs partake in this unique educational experience as well as all students enrolled in the MGRK 3299 The Language and Culture of Greece course during the summer.

Paideia students participate in a number of group excursions to museums, archaeological sites, monuments, early Christian churches, festivals, sporting events, Greek weddings and other cultural and social activities.  For the Summer 2022 period, multiple Study Tour Sessions will take place. Below you will find the itinerary. Please note: Excursions are subject to change with weather or any other unforeseen conditions.


Day 1 & 2. 

  1.     Athens.  Acropolis, Agora of Athens, Dionysos Ancient Theater, Temple of Zeus, Archaeological Museum, Olympic Stadium, Parliament,    Monument of Unknown Soldier, University of Athens, Academy of Athens, Plaka, Monastiraki. Dinner/sleep in Argos, Peloponesse.


Day 3.

  1.     Nemea. Visit Museum and Ancient Stadium.

  2.     Mycenae. Visit Museum, Lions Gate with Ancient Acropolis, Mycenaean Tombs of Atreus and Klytaimnystra.

  3.     Epidauros. Visit Museum and magnificent Ancient Greek Theater of Epidauros.

  4.     Argolida and Nafplion. Visit the port.

  5.     Sparta. Sleep in Sparta.

Day 4.

  1.     Mystras, Sparta Museums.

  2.     Ancient Olympia. Visit two Museums and Arcaiological site with the ancient Olympic Stadium and other facilities.

  3.     Nafpactos. Port

  4.     Nafpaktos. Sleep in Nafpaktos.

Day 5.

  1.    Delphi. Visit Museums and Archaeological site

  2.    Chaironeia. Visit Museum, Lion Monument.

  3.    Thermopylai. Visit museum, monument, Greek and Persian Battle Field by the Hot Springs.

  4.    Kalambaka. Sleep in Kalambaka.


Day 6.

  1.     Meteora. Visit medieval Byzantine Monasteries.

  2.     Dodona, Visit the Archaeological site and Theater

  3.     Metsovo. One of the most beautiful Greek villages.

  4.     Aiani, Kozani. Visit Museum and archaeological site.

  5.     Katerini. Dinner/Sleep


 Day 7.

  1.     Dion. Museum and archaeological site

  2.     Alexandreion.

  3.     Pella. Visit Museum, Archaeological site

  4.     Vergina. Visit Museum

  5.     Thessaloniki. Dinner/sleep


Day 8.

  1.    Visits Museums and monuments of Thessalonik

  2.    Pella. Visit museum and Archaeological site

  1.    Thessaloniki. Dinner/sleep


Day 9.

  1.    End of Study Tour


OPTION with Greek Islands

  1.   Option to continue study tour with ferry. One day stop in Santorini, Crete, Patmos,  Kos, Symi and Rhodes visiting museums, archaeological sites,   monuments, old churches and enjoy Modern Greece in beautiful Greek Islands with beaches with crystal clear waters and almost always in the summer blue sky .

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