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Athens Courses

Athens is the largest city in Greece, a classical city full of Classical, Hellenistic, Byzantine, and Modern monuments. Athens is the Center of all the Centers in the world. Athens is the city of the Olympic Idea, the birth place of Democracy, the city of Artists with the Parthenon in Acropolis of all and for all. Athens is beautiful and always smiling. You can find Athens smile everywhere: in an ancient theater, in a modern exhibition hall, at a sports even, down by the sea, at concert, around the table in a small taverna, in a little alleyway, behind the mast of a sailboat or next to the column of an old temple.

The National And Kapodistrian University of Athens


The National and Capodistrian University of Athens was founded on May 3rd, 1837 and was housed originally on the north east side of Acropolis. It was the first university not only in the newly established Greek state but also in the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean in general.



Students in Athens will be housed at rental apartments. Arrangements have been made for one meal daily (supper) and also lunch with a Paideia scholarship based on merit and need, during the school days for the entire semester.

Course Offerings


The courses will be taught in English (except Greek Language Courses) by regular professors within the premises of the University of Athens. All students must sign up for 5, with a minimum of 4 courses.

  • MGRK 3293 The Olympic Games. Past and Present. Three credits

  • ENGL 3693 Modern Greek Literature Three credits

  • HIST 3320 History & Archaeology of Ancient Greece Three credits

  • HIST 3350 History and Archaeology of Byzantine GreeceThree credits

  • MGRK 1101 Elementary Modern Greek I Four credits

  • MGRK 1102 Elementary Modern Greek II Four credits

  • MGRK 1103 Intermediate Modern Greek I Four credits

  • MGRK 1104 Intermediate Modern Greek II Four credits

  • CAMS 1103 Classical Mythology Three credits

  • MGRK 3299 Language and Culture of Greece Three credits

  • MGRK 3293 Greek Art and Architecture Three credits

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