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Student Testimonials

“I had the experience of a lifetime by studying abroad in Greece for 7 weeks. We visited some pretty historic and beautiful places such as Athens, Olympia, Delphi, Sparta, while living on the island of Rhodes. As part of my trip I took two classes, Mythology and The Culture and Language of Greece. Both of these classes taught me about the rich history and actual language of the Greeks and how it affects their lives today. They also taught me how much influence the ancient Greek civilization has had on the rest of the world and how advanced their world was so long ago in history. As informative as the classes were, nothing beat the enrichment I experienced living amongst the Greeks. We jumped right in to their culture by learning the basic and important words of their language, mastering some of their traditional dances, picking up some of their mannerisms, asking questions world changing history. I look forward to keeping my new connection with my friends in Greece and supporting their cultural efforts here in the states.”

- Jessica Ofray
University of Connecticut


“My experience in Greece has been life changing. From the new friends to coming closer to my culture, I have felt a deeper connection to my families’ roots. I am a hundred percent Greek and being here helped me appreciate my culture even more than before. From traveling all over Greece to living in a Greek city and village, I feel as though I have experienced all that Greece has had to offer.”

-Alexandra Lambiris
Convent of the Sacred Heart, NY

“I have recently completed two summers of study abroad with the Paideia program in Rhodes, Greece. The Paideia program is an outstanding experience for students of Hellenic and non Hellenic backgrounds alike. The faculty is sensitive to the diverse backgrounds that are present. Study abroad does not only deal with academics but it also gives students exposure to a different culture, ancient and present. This exposure allows for contemplative introspection. Now, there is ample free time to enjoy the local tavernas, fresh foods, and music. The Tomazos’, parents themselves, are very attentive to the students needs, health, and safety.”

-Petros Tarasidis
Hellenic College / Holy Cross

“I had the great opportunity to go to Greece this summer on a study tour with the Paidiea Center, and I had an experience of a lifetime. We visited historic ruins, breathtaking views of nature, Byzantine churches that were both stunning and spiritually reviving, village festivals, beautiful beaches, and everywhere in between. We experienced as much of Greece as possible in the three weeks we were there, and assimilated ourselves into its vibrant and lively culture. As a Greek-American I felt a strong connection to the history and traditions, and this trip helped me get in touch with my Greek heritage. I would recommend this trip to anyone and everyone who would like the once in a lifetime experience of visiting Greece with this great organization. You will make friends that will become like family, and the kind and caring Tomazos will make you feel like Greece is your home away from home. The memories I have made from this trip will stay with me my whole life.”

Ana Rege
-University of Connecticut

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