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About Us


"PAIDEIA" is the Greek word for one's upbringing and education.  We aim to provide you with lessons that will be beneficial not only in your future professions, but also will shape you to be outstanding citizens of the world.

Paideia Study Abroad Programs began in 1984 with a course in Thessalloniki, Greece. The Hellenic Society Paideia, an organization that was established in 1974 at the University of Connecticut, as a student organization, initiated this program.

In 1977, Paideia was incorporated in Connecticut as an educational non-profit organization open to all.  ”Paideia” started to address Study Abroad Program with an Interdisciplinary Programs for Hellenic Studies.   Since then, our programs have expanded to the State Universities and the National Center for Marine Research in Greece.

Today, Paideia programs have expanded to include: Academic Semester Courses in Athens, Thessaloniki, and Rhodes.  Summer Courses (with or without credit for college and high school students respectively) offered at different sites in Greece.  Summer Learning Camps in Greece, for teenagers. Educator Enrichment Courses in Greece in summer.  Interships in various fields of study.

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