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General Information


Greece is a land of contrasts; picturesque islands, rugged mountains, isolated rural villages and modern cities. Every aspect of this amazing country reveals the diversity, complexity, enthusiasm and intensity with which life is lived in Greece. With a single glance one can easily discern aspects of the ancient world, Byzantine culture and contemporary pragmatism. Here you can learn about classical civilization, walk through ancient streets, share the passion of local politics, witness the sites of “Colossus of Rhodes”, other monuments, archeological sites, etc



PAIDEIA offers the opportunity for students to choose between different programs in Greece. Fall and spring semester students in Athens, Thessaloniki, or Rhodes have an enriched strong element for cultural excursions all over Greece, with an option for early or late three weeks classes in Dion or Rhodes with a partial 50% scholarship. Summer courses from May to August in different regions of Greece and a winter intersession in Rhodes. Paideia provides a number of scholarship grant to encourage and assist students for studies in Greece. The above costs do not cover personal expenses and transportation to and from your area of study. Also, they do not cover the registration fees to Paideia affiliated universities. Please note that these fees are subject to change. Any considerable decrease in the value of the dollar will affect the total cost of the program.



Rhodes students will be met at the airport on their arrival date. Semester and summer students going to other regions of Greece will receive directions how to go to apartments.



All Paideia students have an individual pre-departure orientation in person based on the student’s location or over the phone. The student receives a handbook with information to help prepare for departure and also with information during his or her study term. Paideia provides travel recommendations, counseling for course selection, and personal attention to each student’s needs.



Once students arrive to area of study, they will have another orientation. This gives all students the opportunity to get you to know one another, helps them overcome the feeling of being in a foreign country, gives them a boost for the early start, and teaches them how to get around a new city.



Various cultural activities such as visits to museums, Minoan, Mycenaean, Classical, Hellenistic, Byzantine or other monuments, excursions to historical and archaeological sites and tours will be arranged depending on students’ interest and courses offered.


Students are welcomed to organize their own flights to Greece. Alternatively, Paideia can make all the arrangements.



Students should have a grade point average of 2.50 and above. In addition, students interested in broad aspects of environment, coastal management, law, and politics, aqua culture, marine biology, oceanography, humanities, Mediterranean Studies and language will find this program attractive and useful. This program also expands the educational options and opportunities for students pursuing programs and courses related to Hellenic Studies (Classical, Byzantine, and Modern).



All courses are offered in English, with the study of Modern Greek Language as a complement. Some background in the Greek language is desirable but not required.



The academic component of the program is directed by the Academic Director. The Academic Director is appointed by Paideia affiliated Greek Universities. Paideia program academic directors are professors who served as Deans or Head of Departments.

Every Paideia program academic director studied in United States and knows the American student. Every Paideia Academic Director has one or two administrative secretaries appointed also by Paideia affiliated Greek Universities.

The academic director is responsible also for the well being and safety of the students. The academic directors together with an administrative secretary in each university and assistant directors who are appointed by Paideia  will be able to work with personnel from Greek affiliated universities, local authorities on a variety of matters such as housing, meals, transportation, cultural activities, contacts with local people, miscellaneous needs of students, local and national excursions. Paideia and US affiliated universities are responsible  for acceptance of students, selection of classes by students, transfer of credit and prior approval.



Paideia’s Study Abroad Program is an official overseas program at a number of affiliated colleges and universities. All programs are full time (minimum of 12 credits) and courses must be approved prior to departure from home colleges/universities. Students should also check with their advisors to find out how the credits earned overseas can be applied to the degree program. The transfer of credit is from Paideia  affiliated Greek Universities with letter grades A-F and not Pass/Fail.



The total cost of the program for the 2022 academic year is $10,000 per semester, which covers tuition and course fees, room and board, and one meal daily (supper).  Lunch may also be provided with a Paideia scholarship based on merit and need during school days and various student activities. Personal expenses and transportation to and from Athens, Thessaloniki, or Rhodes, and application & registration fees to are not included. Please note that fees are subject to change. Any considerable decrease in the value of the dollar will affect the total cost of the program. Paideia reserves the right to cancel a course due to low enrollment, changing political or economic factors, unusual circumstances, or any other event which dramatically impact the nature of the course or the ability of the faculty to conduct such course



Paideia allocates scholarship grants in the range of $100 – $1,000 to encourage and help students for studies in Greece. In addition, a small number of students who otherwise could not afford to study in Greece receive grants over $1,000. Semester students with a GPA of 3.7 or higher at the time of application automatically receive a $500 US reduction against their tuition fees. Winter intersession and summer students receive $150 US reduction.



Outside the classroom, students are given the opportunity to explore Greece. Excursions are provided at no extra cost to the student. Transportation, overnight lodging, two meals daily(breakfast and supper), and passes to museums and sites are provided depending on the duration of each trip. Please note all semester students partake in a study tour for a week visiting most of Greece’s major attractions in Mainland Greece. Please see the Study Tour section for more information.



While in Europe you are subject to the laws of your host country. Paideia reserves the right to dismiss students from the program who break Greek laws, as well as laws from home Universities.



It is a mandatory requirement every students to have study abroad supplemental health coverage for the period of stay in Greece. You can have this coverage through your home university. If not, Paideia suggest HTHworldwide. For an application please go at: HYPERLINK ““. Also you can call customer service at 1-888-243-2358.  Please give a copy to Paideia of your insurance coverage proof.

Paideia and affiliated Greek Universities does not take any responsibility for providing or covering any insurance costs.

Feel free to view our complete Course Catalog

All students participating in our program, please review the following:

PAIDEIA Program Checklist

PAIDEIA Program Checklist Before Departure

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