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Spring Break 2023



The Spring Break Program is a guided study tour around mainland Greece visiting historical cities, archaeological sites, museums, old churches and monument of Greece. It is similar to our regular study tour, however students are not required to take any classes or to complete papers in conjunction to it. If you are looking for a short, but action-packed trip, this is the session for you! Registration is now open for Spring 2024, and is available for all students attending US accredited universities and colleges. This year the session will run from March 11th until March 19th. Also is open for high school students who participate as a group together with their teacher(s).

The program starts in Athens March 12th and visits Nemea, Mycenae, Epidauros, Ancient Olympia,  Nafpaktos, Delphi, Thermopylae, Meteora, Katerini, Dion, Vergina,  Thessaloniki. From Thessaloniki is the return flight back to US.

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Program Fees: 


The Spring Break Program costs $3,000 for college level students from Paideia affiliated colleges/universities. This includes R/T air flight, orientation, tuition, housing (hotel rooms), two meals daily (breakfast and diner), cultural activities,and all excursions. Part of this year’s program costs for each participant are defrayed through Paideia’s scholarship support. Additional estimated costs: $40.00 study abroad insurance coverage; $500 for personal expenses.




Friday, March 10th:

Departure from US on Friday, March 10, 2024, to Athens, Greece.

Saturday & Sunday, March 11:

Stay in Athens for two days. Walking tour of city’s most famous sites:

*   Acropolis   *   Plaka   *   Monasthraki   *   Agora of Athens   *   Theater of Dionysus   *   Archaeological Museum   *   Panathanaiac  Stadium   *   Parliament   *    Monument of Unknown Soldier   *   Academia Square   *   Temple of Olympios Zeus   * 


Monday, March 13:

Sleep in Argos.


Tuesday, March 14:

Tour the northern Peloponese:

Nemea. Visit Museum and Ancient Stadium

Mycenae. Visit Museum, Lions Gate with Ancient Acropolis, Mycenaean Tombs of Atreus and Klytaimnystra

Epidauros. Visit Museum and magnificent Ancient Greek Theater of Epidauros

Argolida & Nafplion. Visit the port in Nafplion and City of Argos

Ancient Olympia. Sleep in Ancient Olympia

Wednesday, March 15th:

Finish seeing Olympia and head north to Sterea Ellada:

Ancient Olympia. Visit two Museums and Arcaiological site with the ancient Olympic Stadium and other facilities

Nafpactos. Port.

Delphi. Dinner/Sleep in Delphi.

Thursday, March 16th:  

See where the center of the earth was in ancient time as well as the land where one of the most famous battles in history took place:

Delphi. Visit Archaeological site, Temple of Apollo, Tholos, Museum

Thermopylae. Monument of Leonidas and 300 Spartans

Kalambaka. Dinner/Sleep in Kalambaka


Friday, March 17th:

Visit Thessaly’s most famous site. Finish the day with a drive into areas of Macedonia:

Meteora. Visit Medieval Byzantine Monasteries

Aiani, Kozani. Visit Museum and archaeological site

Katerini. Dinner/Sleep

Saturday, March 18th:

Learn about the land that Alexander the Great was from:

Dion. Visit Museum and Archaeological site

Vergina. Museum


 Katerini. Dinner/sleep

Sunday, March 19th:

Thessaloniki. Visit White Tower, monument of Alexander The Great, Byzantine and Archaeological Museums, free time to tour city. Return flight back to US. End of the trip.

*Please note the itinerary is subject to change depending on weather conditions and all other unforeseen circumstances.

*Applications must be received by February 22nd, 2024.

*All students under the age of 21 must have written consent from parent or guardian.

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